New Questionnaire for all the Faithful Just Released from Synod

Rome Bishops to "rethink" Pastoral Care of Families

Marginalized Catholics "very hopeful" about Papacy of Francis

Bishop offers solution to Divorce/Remarriage


A walk through the Synod on the Family from start to date


Towards the synod: India's multiculturalism, a challenge and a resource for Christian families


Final report from the Synod now in English


Letter from Cardinal Nichols reporting on the 2014 Synod


Looking to the 2015 Synod


Tom Reese Interview


Francis is asking us to take sides


Time for bishops to imitate Francis on consulting priests and laity


From Bob MIckens


Francis: Let us break down the wall that divides us

Letter from Cardinal Gracias, Bombay, India

NCR article about CCR INt'l by Joan Chittister

Around the World Sent In By Our Supporters And Partner Groups

Dr. Martha Heizer, Head of We Are Church Austria excommunicated. Vatican penalizes Dr. and Mr. Heizer for celebrating the Eucharist without the presence of a priest. Read more here!

Our sister reform group ACCR launched a new journal: The OMG! Journal . The premier issue features an article about how a local bishop excommunicated Mercy Sister Margaret McBride. Read more here!

U.S. Sisters: During their 2014 visit to Rome the LCWR was critized for not complying with Rome's injunction against the organization and told that the Vatican's judgment against them remains in full force. Read more here!

Albert Rouet, retired bishop of Poitiers, France, and Klaus Mertes, SJ, of Germany were selected for the 2014 Freedom in the Church award by the Herbert Haag Foundation in Switzerland

More Signs of Hope What to Expect from the Synod


We have to join our forces in order to reach a real breakthrough in this window of opportunity.

Hans Küng

Check Out Our Recent Activities

Expressions of Solidarity to the Cologne Church Initiative for participation in selecting a new bishop. more ».


We received a letter from the office of Cardinal O'Malley, member of Pope Francis' advisory group, responding to our most recent letter to the Pope.



Rome Updates

Forum on theFamily: Listening to the Faithful was well received. To follow our day to day reports of events and happenings in Rome, go to

Church Reform representatives share hopes for the Synod and action steps being taken

Left to right: Reyanna Rice, Concerned Catholics of Montana, U.S.; Mary Beth Stein, Council of the Baptized, U.S.; Dr. Karl Rodig, Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, international;Clyde Christofferson, NOVA, U.S.; Brendan Butler, We Are Church, Ireland; Scilla Stack, Women and the Australian Church; Kate McElwee, Women's Ordination Conference and Catholic Organizations for Renewal; Sr. Mary John Mananzan, Office of Women and Gender Affairs, Philippines; Elizabeth Price, U.K.; Ed Schreurs, Vision of the Faithful Catholics, Netherlands; Marilyn Hatton, Australian Catholic Coalition of Church Renewal; Paul Collins, Catholics for Ministry, Australia. Not in photo: Janet Hauter, American Catholic Council, U.S.; Noel McCann, Association of Catholics, Ireland; Fr. Keith Brennan, Association of U.S. Catholic Priests; John Buggy, Australian Reforming Catholics; Martha Heizer, International Movement We Are Church; Deb Rose-Milavec, Future Church, U.S.; Susannan Birke, Switzerland.

Listen to our speakers for the Forum on the Family.

An Account of Reform Groups four-day series of meetings in Rome

Read about our four-day series with CCRI, IMWAC, ACC, Future Church, WOW/WOC/Women Priests, AUSCP, and several Australian Groups all working together in Rome for the renewal of our Church.

St. Peter's Square on the opening day of the Synod

Front row left to right: Sr. Filo, CCRI Board of Directors; Deb Rose-Milavec with Future Church; Rene Reid, CCRI; Janet Hauter, ACC and CCRI; Marilyn Hauter with ACCCR, Australia; Fr. Keith Brennan, Assoc. of U.S. Catholic Priests and our celebrant for our Mass. Back row left to right: Nerina Murray and Norm Murray, Canada; Susanna Birke, Switzerland (behind Filo but can't be seen); Miriam Duignan, Women Priests, U.K.; John Buggy, Australian Reforming Catholics and CCRI; Martha Heizer, We Are Church, Austria.

Media Reports on presence of Reform Movement in Rome

A Hongkong online newspaper is folllowing CCRI through Janet's blog (scroll part way down page), Fr John Wotherspoon OMI, an Aussie priest working in Hong Kong as a prison chaplain, October 9, 2014.

Robert Mickens' Address to the CCRI delegates in Rome, Catholica, Brian Coyne, Australia, October 9, 2014

Suggestions for updating Catholic Thinking on Listening to the Sensus Fidelium, Catholica, Brian Coyne, Australia, October 8, 2014


Where is the Democracy at the Synod on the Family, NPR, Maureen Fiedler, October 6, 2014


Vatican Synod Tests The Pope's Vision Of A More Merciful Church, NCR, Syliva Poggioli, Oct. 5, 2014


As CCRI raises our banner asking for Families to have a vote in Family Synods, we are surrounded by the gendarmes. Future Church, October 5, 2015


International Press Conference held by Reformers, Future Church, October 4, 2014           


CCRI invites all Reformers to share their hopes for the Synod, Future Church, Oct. 3, 2014


Reformers to Pope Francis: Don't wait for the Bishops, Boston Globe - Crux, October 3, 2014


Reform Group in Rome calls for Family Input in Synod, NCR, Josh McElewee, October 2, 2014


Catholic Church Reform's Alternate Gathering highlights lay vocation, NCR, Joan Chittister, Oct, 2, 2014


Synod on the Family: the new battleground for the future of Catholicism?, Catholica, Brian Coyne, Australia, Sept. 29, 2014


Invited or Not, Here they Come, NCR, Joan Chittister, July 3, 2014

Join us in signing our letter to Pope Francis asking him to review the arrangements for the Synod to ensure that there is within its membership a truly adequate representation from ordinary and diverse Catholic families, with appropriate provision for them to share their views, be heard, and to have a vote.

Join us in asking that the Extraordinary Synod be publicly broadcast. See our open letter to Pope Francis. If you agree,sign our petition asking that the Synod be publicly broadcast.

Take our Survey

Make your voice heard at the Synod. We encourage you to take our surveys now. Your opinions will be carried all the way to the Synod. We have provided the 2014 Synod with an interim report of your views and life experiences. This survey will reman open until mid-2015 at which time we will provide a final report to the 2015 Synod. It is worth your time to take the four surveys and pass it on to everyone you know.

Our Recommendations for the Synod

Pope Francis has encouraged all to be part of the synodal process. From January to May, 2014, we discussed the family-related issues that would be discussed in the Synod.. Our working groups then put together a set of recommendations for the Synod which we released to Cardinal Baldisseri and the Synod on May 22, 2014. To view the entire submission as provided to the Synod, click here. To read in other languages, see below.

  Read our submission to the Synod here

  Nuestra contribución al Sínodo

  Unsere Impulse für die Synode

  Il nostro contributo al Sinodo sulla Famiglia

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The need has never been greater than it is at this moment in time for the People of God to unite our voices so as to be strong enough to be heard in our Church. Our special advisor, Sr. Joan Chittister, reminds us: "Until we raise a common voice we will not only not be heard, we will not even be listened to in the light of larger issues and larger groups, all clamoring for attention."




Consult our 2014 Overview for our detailed plans for this year.


See the worldwide organizations who have joined together to speak out to Pope Francis about the reform of our Church.


Alone, the pope cannot change the world. A pope for the people must have a people for the pope. This initiative gives us a means of being with Pope Francis.

Gaston Roberge, SJ, India

How You Can Become Involved

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