Vision of Faithful People


Open Letter to Pope Francis regarding married Roman Catholic Priests


Common Priesthood of Women


French people respond to Synod Survey


Pact of the Catecombs


Global Church Reform Group backs U.S. request for married priests dialogue


German Bishops think Sacraments should be okay for Divorced/Remarried


New Qstionnaire released by Synod for all the Faithful


Rome Bishops to rethink Pastoral Care of Families


Marginalized Catholics "very hopeful" about apacy of Francis

Bishop offers solution to Divorce/Remarriage

A walk through the Synod on the Family from start to date

Towards the synod: India's multiculturalism, a challenge and a resource for Christian families

Final report from the Synod now in English

Letter from Cardinal Nichols reporting on the 2014 Synod

Looking to the 2015 Synod

Tom Reese Interview

Francis is asking us to take sides

Time for bishops to imitate Francis on consulting priests and laity

From Bob MIckens

Francis: Let us break down the wall that divides us

Letter from Cardinal Gracias, Bombay, India

NCR article about CCR INt'l by Joan Chittister

Around the World Sent In By Our Supporters And Partner Groups

More Signs of Hope What to Expect from the Synod


We have to join our forces in order to reach a real breakthrough in this window of opportunity.

Hans Küng

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We are currently seeking to expand our outreach

If you are interested in joining with reform-minded people to support Pope Francis in transformoing our Church from an institution of prescriptive rules into an inclusive and welcomng community, please take a moment to share a bit of information with us.


CCRI has delivered our response to the Synod Questionnaire

The Questionnaire released by the Synod has closed. We not only see it as having failed to reach the people of God as Pope Francis had requested. We fear that it was designed to fail.   As a worldwide network, our greatest concern is that the complexity of the Lineamenta Questionnaire has deterred the majority of people from participating. For this reason, CCRI chose to create our own more user-friendly survey. Click here to read the summary report of the 2400+ responses delivered to the Synod on April 13, just prior to their April 15 deadline.


Our co-founder, Robert Blair Kaiser, passed away Holy Thursday

Please join with us in offering your tributes



Tribute to Bob Kaiser in Catholica

Tribute to Bob Kaiser in National Catholic Reporter

Holy Spirit Come

Global Pulse Magazine by Robert Mickens

Human Face of Vatican II given by Robert Blair Kaiser

CCRI's 2015 Plans


As we spend this year preparing for the 2015 Ordinary Synod, CCRI strives to reform our Church from an exclusive club made up of members who keep all the rules to an inclusive community where all are welcomed. Like Pope Francis, our vision is a Church more like a field hospital: nursing the wounded, welcoming the forsaken, showing compassion to those hurting, and fogiving those who have made mistakes along the way. See our strategy plans outlined through October 2015.


Image result for images of pope francis sitting alone in his papal chairWe can't leave the reform of the Church up to the all male hierarchy. Pope Francis needs to hear from us. In the near future, we will be providing you with a Living Voice Register giving everyone the opportunity to share your personal experiences of how church teachings have impacted your lives- for better or for worse. How has the church helped you in your lives and how, if at all, how church teachings caused you pain?


Send a letter to your Apostolic Nuncio. CCRI has sent a letter to the U.S. Nuncio asking him to notify Pope Francis of our concerns. We have drafted a model letter to Nuncios all over the world for your convenience. We encourage you to send this letter adding your own unique concerns pertinent to your country. You can go here now to find the email address of each Apostolic Nucnio worldwide.

CCRI's 2014 1st Worldwide Gathering in Rome

Our Forum on theFamily: Listening to the Faithful was well received. To follow our day to day reports of events and happenings in Rome, go to

Church Reform representatives share hopes for the Synod and action steps being taken

Left to right: Reyanna Rice, Concerned Catholics of Montana, U.S.; Mary Beth Stein, Council of the Baptized, U.S.; Dr. Karl Rodig, Ecumenical Catholic Church of Christ, international;Clyde Christofferson, NOVA, U.S.; Brendan Butler, We Are Church, Ireland; Scilla Stack, Women and the Australian Church; Kate McElwee, Women's Ordination Conference and Catholic Organizations for Renewal; Sr. Mary John Mananzan, Office of Women and Gender Affairs, Philippines; Elizabeth Price, U.K.; Ed Schreurs, Vision of the Faithful Catholics, Netherlands; Marilyn Hatton, Australian Catholic Coalition of Church Renewal; Paul Collins, Catholics for Ministry, Australia. Not in photo: Janet Hauter, American Catholic Council, U.S.; Noel McCann, Association of Catholics, Ireland; Fr. Keith Brennan, Association of U.S. Catholic Priests; John Buggy, Australian Reforming Catholics; Martha Heizer, International Movement We Are Church; Deb Rose-Milavec, Future Church, U.S.; Susannan Birke, Switzerland.

Listen to our speakers for the Forum on the Family.

An Account of Reform Groups four-day series of meetings in Rome

Read about our four-day series with CCRI, IMWAC, ACC, Future Church, WOW/WOC/Women Priests, AUSCP, and several Australian Groups all working together in Rome for the renewal of our Church.

St. Peter's Square on the opening day of the Synod

d Filo Front row left to right: Sr. Filo, CCRI Board of Directors; Deb Rose-Milavec with Future Church; Rene Reid, CCRI; Janet Hauter, ACC and CCRI; Marilyn Hatton with ACCCR, Australia; Fr. Keith Brennan, Assoc. of U.S. Catholic Priests and our celebrant for our Mass. Back row left to right: Nerina Murray and Norm Murray, Canada; Susanna Birke, Switzerland (behinbut can't be seen); Miriam Duignan, Women Priests, U.K.; John Buggy, Australian Reforming Catholics and CCRI; Martha Heizer, We Are Church, Austria.

Click here for sitemap.

Catholic Church Reform Int'l is a global network         of more than a hundred reform groups and individuals from 65 countries. If you would like to collaborate with us to continue on the path set by Vatican II, you have come to the right place. Welcome!

If there is to be any reform of any kind in the Catholic Church, it must begin with the people having a voice.

The need has never been greater than it is at this moment in time for the People of God to unite our voices so as to be strong enough to be heard in our Church. Our special advisor, Sr. Joan Chittister, reminds us: "Until we raise a common voice we will not only not be heard, we will not even be listened to in the light of larger issues and larger groups, all clamoring for attention."


See the worldwide organizations who have joined together to speak out to Pope Francis about the reform of our Church.

A Church Reformer's Prayer


Alone, the pope cannot change the world. A pope for the people must have a people for the pope. This initiative gives us a means of being with Pope Francis.

Gaston Roberge, SJ, India

How You Can Become Involved

Click here to sign our petition asking that the Synod be publicly broadcast


Send a personal letter to the president of the Bishops' Conference in your region of the world telling him what you want him to represent on your behalf at the Synod. Click here to find the address of your president.


Click here to see and sign our letters to Pope Francis

Cast your vote for the reforms you support

Join our circle of advisors and representatives

as an individual or as a representative of your reform group

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CCR Int'l serves as a global suppport group. Let us know about Church reform events taking place in your part of the world. If you are facing challenges and need our support, we will post your situation on our Around the World webpage.

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