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Our organization sent a letter to Pope Francis congratulating him for the successes that came from the Synod and suggesting that the work of the Synod has only just begun. Our letter is attached and can also be found at


There are three ways for you to support our efforts:

  • Read and reflect upon our letter in light of the call of Pope Francis at the close of the Synod to “return to our true 'journeying together' in bringing to every part of the world, every diocese, to every community and every situation, the light of the Gospel, the embrace of the Church and the support of God's mercy!"
  • Consider joining us by signing the letter.
  • Welcome our offer to assist you with initiating a series of meetings in your part of the world with pastors, the Faithful, and especially those who feel disconnected from our Church.

Our brother, Pope Francis, encourages – even expects – all of us to work together and bring our learnings, hopes, challenges, and desires to him. 


In response to the Holy Father’s expressed wish, we are ready to work with you and welcome your thoughts. 



Rene Reid (or your name)

On behalf of Catholic Church Reform Int’l (or on behalf of your local group)  (or your group’s website)


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